A quick bedroom refresh can be done easily and with very little budget. Because this is not a high-traffic area of your home, you can experiment with color and pattern without a huge commitment. Small changes have big impact, and a refreshed bedroom will please the senses and calm the mind. Here are our tips:


A bed that beckons. The easiest way to make an inviting bed is to layer pillows, from shams to decorative throws. Are you going for a soothing palette, or do you want a pop of color? Pillows add instant luxury and coziness and can be mixed and matched for a quick change-up.


Welcoming walls. Has your wall art gotten boring or outdated? Refresh your décor with new pieces that speak to you and make you happy. Add a mirror with an interesting frame to reflect light and finish the room, combining function and style.


Fabulous floors. A new rug is an instant game-changer in the bedroom. Like pillows, a rug delivers major impact on your design. A large rug under the bed anchors the room, and a smaller, plush rug can be added to the side, giving your toes a sensuous treat when you get out of bed each morning.


Nightstand necessities. If you find yourself piling up books, jewelry, and gadgets on your nightstand, it is time to curate your stuff. What do you want to see first thing in the morning or just before you fall asleep? Remove the clutter for a greater sense of peace. A favorite photo, a small vase of flowers, and a decorative box for anything you want within easy reach is really all you need.


Purifying plants. Speaking of a refresh, greenery goes with any décor. There are many plants that clean the air, such as orchids and bromeliads. Plants bring nature indoors, which has a balancing and calming effect. A nice houseplant will cheer up an empty corner and literally bring life to the room!


Functional furniture. Remove any pieces that are not necessary in your bedroom. Your furniture should be pleasing to your personal aesthetic but functional, too. It is too tempting to throw your stuff on that extra chair at the end of the day, causing chaos and clutter. When it comes to bedroom furniture, less is more in achieving a truly relaxing environment.



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