Blankets & Coverlets

We are proud to offer you a variety of beautiful luxury blankets and coverlets to put the finishing touches on your bed.

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Our luxury blankets and coverlets not only look sensational on top of your bed but are also wonderful to wrap yourself in whenever you want to feel warm and comfy!

What’s the difference between blankets and coverlets?

  • A blanket is a traditional bedding cover that usually isn’t filled, but is typically made of a thicker cloth or woven material. 
  • A coverlet is a lightweight bed covering that goes on top of all your bedding, giving your bed a finished look.

Luxury Coverlets and Blankets by Jennifer Adams

At Jennifer Adams, we pride ourselves not just on the quality of our luxury blankets and coverlets, but on the variety of options we provide to help you customize your bedroom to make it feel like you.

Our deluxe two-in-one luxury blankets and coverlets by Jennifer Adams come in a selection of gorgeous stitched and woven patterns, colors, and fabrics.

They can be used as a beautiful coverlet draped over your bedding, giving your bed a layered and complete look. You can also use them on their own as a blanket or folded at the foot of your bed for an extra layer of warmth or decoration.

Our Collections of Coverlets and Blankets

Our bushed microfiber collections are made from our best-selling sheet set fabric:

  • Vertical Stripes
  • Diamond
  • Matisse
  • Madison
  • Ogee

We strive to offer blankets and coverlets made from the very finest fabrics available. They are responsibly made, OEKO-TEX Certified, exceptionally soft, and easy to care for. So, indulge yourself in their comfort!