Quilted Shams

Luxury shams for decorative pillows or complementing its matching coverlet.

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Quilted Pillow Shams

Using pillow shams is one way to really define the style and personality of your bedroom, and at Jennifer Adams we have many soft, decorative, luxury pillow shams that you can use on their own, or as complements for our signature duvet covers, blankets and coverlets.

When you choose bedding from our collections at Jennifer Adams, your bed can feel like your own personal vacation every night!

Pillowcases vs. Pillow Shams

One common question we get is this – what's the difference between a pillowcase and a pillow sham? A pillowcase is a removable cloth cover for a pillow, and traditional pillowcases are used primarily with pillows for sleeping. A pillow sham, on the other hand, is a decorative pillowcase that transforms a pillow into a more decorative accessory for your bedding set.

So, can you sleep on a pillow sham? You certainly could, especially if you choose one of our incredibly soft pillow shams from Jennifer Adams! However, pillow shams are generally intended to be more ornamental, rather than for use in nightly sleeping.

The Best Fabrics Available

Shop from our decorative sham collection to layer, complement, and contrast with the rest of your bedding to give your bed (and your bedroom) the perfect Southern California-inspired look and feel. Choose from our our best selling premium Brushed Microfiber Shams. Deluxe Pillow Shams from Jennifer Adams are available in decorative and attractive Colors, Fabrics, and come in both Standard and King sizes.