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The Importance of Choosing the Right Pillowcase

One of the keys to ensure you’re getting your best night’s sleep is to make sure you choose the right pillow. Sleep science expert Jennifer Adams has even written a specific article on this topic. Choosing the right pillowcase is also incredibly important!

Think about it. You don’t put your head on an uncovered pillow. What your head and face actually touch every night though, is your actual pillowcase. This is why you really need a pillowcase that both looks and feels amazing. If it’s exceptional pillowcases you seek, then look no further than the Jennifer Adams Pillowcase Collection!

Pillowcase, or Pillow Sham?

Confused about the difference between a pillowcase and a pillow sham? A pillow sham is a special type of ornamental pillowcase that is intended more for decoration and display than for sleeping. While you could sleep on pillow shams, our Pillowcase Collection would be the best option for blissfully comfortable sleep. Plus, we offer a wide variety of pillowcases that complement our signature sheet sets, to ensure that your whole bedding ensemble can both look and feel amazing!

Deluxe Pillowcases from Jennifer Adams

Shop our Pillowcase Collections to find the pillowcase with the perfect look and feel for your bed. Choose from our Relaxed Cotton Sateen pillowcases or our premium Lux Collection performance fiber pillowcases. Our pillowcases come in a great variety of colors including White, Ivory, Taupe, Linen, Gray, Blue, and Blush options. All of our pillowcases are available in standard and king sizes.

The Best Pillowcases are Made with the Best Fabrics

We mindfully curate each fabric for each product we offer. If it’s something we wouldn’t use on our own bed, we don’t even think about offering it to you. Our pillowcases are soft, comfortable, stylish, and easy to care for, made with the same materials we use in our luxury sheet sets:

  • 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton: Crafted using the finest extra long staple cotton, our 600 thread count pillowcases have superior softness. Our 600-thread count Egyptian cotton has been carefully crafted by in family-owned mill in India. It's durable, breathable and provides a luxury sleep experience every night.

  • Enzyme Washed Microfiber:The Lux Collection Pillowcase is made from our most premium line. triple-brushed microfiber. These pillowcases feel even better than they look, are uniquely soft, offer easy care, and have effortless style. Lux will have you sleeping in incomparably soft coziness!

  • Bamboo:The Bamboo Sheet pillowcase is Made from a highly sustainable and durable plant source, our Bamboo Pillowcase is ultra-soft with premium protective properties for your skin and body.Bamboo Rayon, one of the most durable fabrics, these sheets are also less prone to wear and tear or discoloration.