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Valentine's Day: Him & Her Gift Guide

Valentine's Day: Him & Her Gift Guide

Don’t lose sleep over finding the perfect gift for your special homebody this Valentine’s Day. We’ve curated our favorite products that are sure to encourage more time in bed.


Like you

Nothing says “be mine” like matching bathrobes. Made from the same premium, petal-like soft Lux sheets, our Luxury Robe is perfect year-round. Lightweight and quick-drying, this robe is perfect for getting cozy by the fire or drying off after a bath.

Velvet Throw
A throw is an elegant and practical way to enhance a room, whether to add a decorative layer or to create a warm, cozy space. One of my favorite throws is the elegant and soft Velvet Diamond Faux Fur Throw. Lightweight and warm, it’s perfect for snuggling.

Give your special someone the gift of resting their head on buttery softness. Our Lux Collection Pillowcases will have your partner saying “I Love You” in their sleep.

lux collection pillowcases
Love you

Made from plush sheepskin, these fluffy and cozy slippers enclose your feet in year-round luxury. Treat yourself or a loved one to a pair of these luxurious slippers--we promise this gift won’t disappoint!

Sheet Sets
Bed sheets are fundamental to creating the ultimate sleep experience. Whether it’s our petal-like, premium Lux Collection, our newest Relaxed Cotton Sateen made in Portugal, you are guaranteed to begin and end your day in comfort.

Body Pillow
Our Willow Body Pillow has a cloud-like softness that’s irresistibly embraceable. While your partner may think you’re cute and cuddly, prepare to move over for this body pillow.

Let’s Grow Old Together

Eternal Mattress
There’s nothing like a gift that encourages more time in bed. Our Eternal Mattress is the way to any sleep-lovers heart. Designed to give you incomparable comfort and support for your best night’s sleep, the uniquely designed layers of premium memory foam deliver contouring pressure relief, motion control and optimal breathability.

eternal mattress

Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover
A duvet cover is the centerpiece of your bedroom. It’s both functional and decorative, while it keeps you cozy and comfortable. Our newest Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover is made from 100% linen on top, and 100% long-staple cotton on bottom, giving it the perfect lived-in softness and textural richness that’s simply unparalleled. Guaranteed to last for years and makes a practical gift anyone will love.

relaxed linen duvet cover

100% Long Staple Cotton Shams and Coverlets
Part of our newest collection, these gorgeous and soft coverlets, and shams add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Made of 100% European quality, premium long-staple cotton and woven for durability and unparalleled softness, this is a gift that will last and be loved for many years.

And if you’re having a hard time figuring out what your special homebody would actually use, no worries! We’ve got you covered with our Home by Jennifer Adams Digital Gift Card.

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