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Tips to Set Up A Cozy Guest Room for the Holidays

Tips to Set Up A Cozy Guest Room for the Holidays

Whether you have a dedicated guest room, or an air mattress in an at-home office, it’s always thoughtful to welcome visiting guests in your home, to a cozy and restful guest room. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your guest room, that will make your company feel right at home.

Luxurious Bedding

Create an environment that promotes a great night's sleep. Start with beautifully soft bedding, and a mid-weight blanket and then add a thick duvet and a few fluffy sleeping pillows. I like to keep a throw, or extra blanket near the bed in case guests get cold at night.

Try adding a couple of decorative pillows as an accent, but try to have either or a chair or basket nearby so that guests don’t feel like they don’t have anywhere to put the pillows except on the floor.


If you want you guests to feel pampered, have a dedicated set of guest towels that you and your family don’t use. This way the towels will stay extra soft when you do have guests come to visit. White towels are always a great choice. They look luxurious and they’re easy to launder. It’s also always easy to find great quality towels at a bargain price, because white towels are always on sale!

It’s a nice touch to add a warm robe and a pair of slippers in the bathroom for your guests.  Even if they don’t use it, they will appreciate the care you took in making them feel welcome.

The Essentials

Everyone forgets to pack at least one thing when they travel. Cover their bases by stocking dresser drawers or nightstand with a few travel-size essentials. In addition to the basics, make sure to keep a pain reliever, some band-aids, some earplugs and even a few perfume samples to try.

If at all possible clean out the guest room closet or at least a part of it so guest can hang their clothes. Don’t forget to supply nice hangers too! If guests stay more than a night, I like to have two empty drawers in a dresser that they can put their clothes in. Living out of a suitcase for days on end can be a hassle.

Keep most personal items out of this room. Guest rooms should have a very fresh and clean look with some open space. Guests usually bring a lot of things with them and can fill up a room quickly with their own belongs, so you don’t want lots of décor or personal photos cluttering up the space. A nice light and side table is a basic essential. Many people like to read before they go to sleep, and having a lighting option besides overhead is helpful.

Don’t forget tissues and a wastebasket nearby. You’d be surprised how many homes I’ve stayed in where there is no trash, so make sure guests have someplace to toss things. And if you want to be extra thoughtful, make sure to empty their trash everyday.

The Extras

Once you have the basics covered, true hospitality is in the details. I like having a little tray of goodies for my guests.  Even if I tell them to help themselves to the pantry and fridge, many choose not to, so having a few things to snack on in the room may make them feel more comfortable. A dish of apples not only adds a pop of color but it also puts healthful snacks within guests' easy reach.

A little bowl for jewelry or a wallet and keys on the nightstand also ensures guests won’t lose their personal belongings. A few notecards and a pen in the nightstand are also helpful if guests need to jot down a thought in the middle of the night. Flowers are a nice finishing touch to your guest room.  Even an inexpensive $5 bouquet from the grocery store or some clippings from your yard will make your guests smile and they are the universal sign of welcome.

No matter what your space consists of, taking these extra steps to create a thoughtful space will be appreciated by your guests and ensure return visits. Tell us in the comments your favorite tips for making your guests feel at home!

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