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Keeping Cool on Warm Summer Nights

Keeping Cool on Warm Summer Nights

How is your sleep this summer?

Like a lot of people, when it’s hot it’s a lot harder for me to fall asleep in the summer. Though air conditioning or fans can be a lifesaver, I’d much rather just have all the windows open! Wouldn't you? Sleep better this summer and avoid feeling overheated with our tips for surviving those warm (sweaty) summer nights!

Heat rises.

That top floor bedroom might not be as appealing as it used to be come warmer temperatures. If your bedroom is on the top floor, consider sleeping in a downstairs room or at least a room with a lot of ventilation. Keep those sheers and windows closed during the hotter points of the day too. Once the heat is in, it is much harder to get out!

Get the air moving.

A fan of some sort is so simple, and so effective! Look for a quiet one with a steady, gentle flow of air. Ceiling fans are especially nice. A nice trick? Place a pan of water or ice cubes in front of a portable fan for additional cooling.

Goodbye silk.

Silk is of course sexy, but save that for cooler winter nights. Choose sheets and lightweight pajamas made of sweat-wicking microfiber. Cotton sheets and pajamas are more breathable and lightweight helping keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable. Remove extra blankets from your bed, just keep it simple with nice cotton sheets!

Chill your pillow.

Put your pillow in the freezer… Chill your pillow in your fridge or freezer for a few minutes. Or slightly dampen a top sheet and pillowcase! You might even feel cold if you have a fan blowing!

Stay hydrated.

Especially in the summer drink lots of water throughout the day, and avoid salty foods, excess alcohol or heavy meals and exercise in the evening. And lastly... I wouldn't always suggest this, but try going to bed with wet hair! Or place a damp washcloth over your forehead. A bath or shower before bedtime helps lower your body temperature and just feels good. Hope this helps! So how do you plan to sleep cool in the summertime?
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