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Embracing the Sun: How to Use Warm Yellow Tones to Brighten Your Summer Bedroom

Embracing the Sun: How to Use Warm Yellow Tones to Brighten Your Summer Bedroom
with the warmth and energy of yellow tones. Known for its ability to evoke feelings of happiness, positivity, and optimism, yellow is the perfect colour to enliven your space and create an inviting summer oasis. Let’s explore five creative ways you can refresh your summer bedroom by adding warm yellow tones into your decor.

Start With Bedding

An easy way to infuse your bedroom with warm yellow tones is by incorporating yellow bedding. Choose a duvet cover or a set of sheets in a soft, buttery shade of yellow to instantly brighten up your bed. Alternatively, pair the yellow bedding with crisp white linens and pillows for a fresh and clean look that is perfect for summer.

Explore our array of luxury duvet covers and 3-piece duvet sets to easily update your bedding. Or consider our resort-quality sheet sets that come in a variety of soft, sun-washed hues and classic white to brighten your summer bedroom.

bed with hats on wall
bed with food tray

Add Accents

If you're not ready to commit to a full set of bedding, consider adding yellow accent pieces to your bedroom instead. Throw pillows, blankets, and decorative vases in shades of yellow can add a pop of colour and warmth to your space. You can also incorporate yellow accents through artwork, curtains, or rugs to tie the room together.

Check out our line of beautiful decorative pillows and throws.

Throws on a couch
Bunch if three throws

Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to mix and match different shades of yellow with other colors in your bedroom decor. Pair warm yellow tones with cool blues or greens for a fresh and modern look. Or combine yellow with neutrals like gray or beige for a more subtle and sophisticated feel. Experiment with different textures and patterns to create visual interest and depth in your bedroom design.

plant and lamp
Bed with plant beside it

Bring in Plants

Adding a touch of greenery to your bedroom can complement yellow tones and bring a sense of freshness. So consider adding potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers in shades of yellow to enhance the summery vibe. Plants not only add a burst of colour but also purify the air and create a calming atmosphere.

Plants in the bedroom

Personalize With Accessories

Infuse your personality into your bedroom decor by incorporating personal touches and accessories in warm yellow tones. For example, photo frames, decorative objects, or a scented candle to evoke a lovely summer-scented glow. Personalise your space with items that bring you joy and make your bedroom a reflection of your style and personality..

Looking for a unique bedroom accessory? We have all-natural handcrafted accessories or our natural coconut candles that will give any room a warm glow while infusing the space with a refreshing scent.

Adding warm yellow tones to your bedroom decor is a simple and effective way to create a cheerful atmosphere. So, this summer, let the sunshine in and let the beauty of yellow illuminate your space with joy, positivity, and a sense of renewal.

coconut wax candle
Handcrafted decor
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