WITH Jennifer Adams

Just like the clothes you wear, your home expresses your individuality. It represents your unique style and journey on this earth. It’s where you feel like your best self. I have made it my life’s work to create products that enhance that home experience, that allow you to live your best life, sleep better, and feel most like you. My dream is that you love the place you live.

I’ve spent my entire career studying the sleep experience, so I can bring you fabrics and designs that are remarkably soft, easy to care for, effortless in style, and offer a better foundation for your best night’s sleep.

When I was a teenager, I had to help make ends meet, so I worked as a housekeeper. I studied the science of sleep and the beds that I made. Sleep patterns, fabrics, layers, textures – all of them fascinated me. This hard work as a teen would later shape my life’s work, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Early in my career, I studied, trained, and became an interior designer, most known for cultivating my clients’ perfect beds. I worked for some of Hollywood’s elite, 5-star resorts, and even designed the interiors of several private jets. Armed with that invaluable experience, I set out on a personal quest to construct the world’s best sleep experience, and do it at an attainable price point. After sourcing fabrics and weaving processes all over the world, I produced my first Eternal Collection – ultimately redefining soft. Today, with over one million sets sold and a waitlist of luxe hotels, my signature collection is the foundation of the Jennifer Adams company.

Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my sister. Though resources were limited for us, I found ways to redecorate regularly with the help of my mom’s creative thumb. I discovered at an early age that having a fresh, beautiful space to come to was important to every aspect of my life.

I mindfully curate each fabric and every product we offer. If I don’t use it personally, I don’t even think of offering it to you. And I care about how our products are made. Our design begins with responsibly sourced materials and consideration for the community, with comfort being of foremost importance, followed by function and ease of care – and, of course, style. Quality and style shouldn’t come at an unattainable price. That’s my commitment to you. 

Our Mission

We care fiercely about quality of product. If we don’t love it, we won’t offer it. We focus on goods with ease of care and effortless style. We seek responsibly sourced materials. We care about our community and giving back with every purchase. Texture and softness matter in every fiber. We demand ease and simplicity in the home. We work to make your life more enjoyable and your home more inviting. Jennifer Adams stands for comfort, quality, and better well-being for all. 

Sleep well tonight, live better tomorrow. Because everything begins at home.