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The Scandinavian Sleep Method

The Scandinavian Sleep Method

When it comes to sleeping arrangements with your significant other, sharing a bed is the norm for most people. Gone are the Victorian attitudes that saw couples shifting to separate beds and bed chambers between the 1850s and 1950s. And for many of us, the benefits have been multiple. Research shows that many bed-partners enjoy improved sleep, with longer and more stable REM periods. But try telling that to anyone who shares their bed with a snorer, a kicker, or a blanket hog! Couples who have incompatible sleeping styles are often left dealing with the effects of a lack of sleep, which can take its toll on both partners physically and mentally, and ultimately on the relationship as well.

In fact, some couples, like celebrity Carson Daly and his wife, have even gone so far as agreeing to a ‘sleep divorce’, where they separate into different beds or even different rooms at night, just so they can get a good night’s rest. If that sounds extreme, we have good news for you! Instead of a sleep divorce you can follow the example of couples in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, who have found a way to share a bed without endangering their health – or their marriage. The so-called Scandinavian Sleep Method is rapidly growing in popularity. But what is it? And how do you know if it’s right for you?

What is the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

It may sound fancy, but the theory behind the Scandinavian Sleep Method is actually very simple. Instead of sharing a single blanket or duvet, couples sleep in the same bed but each sleep under their own cover (usually without a top sheet). Genius, right?

Here’s why it works:

  • No more stealing the blankets: Because each partner has their own duvet, they can sleep in the way that’s most comfortable for them, which helps to eliminate blanket stealing and – more importantly – sleep disturbances.
  • Temperature regulation: Each person has their own personal comfort level when it comes to sleep temperature. But sharing a bed often means having to adapt to your partner’s sleep temperature preferences. With the Scandinavian Sleep Method, you can create your own personal mini-sleep environment, depending on whether you run hot or cool.
  • The perfect compromise: This method is the perfect way of satisfying the need you have as a couple for closeness, while still allowing for personal space.

How to make your bed using the Scandinavian Sleep Method

Ready to try it? Me too! The first step is to get two matching duvets and duvet covers or blankets. After that, it’s really only a question of how to make the bed without it looking messy. Here’s how:

  1. Start with a fitted sheet as usual. Instead of using a top sheet, you can skip this altogether or use two twin-size top sheets. Lay them as you would the single top sheet, but overlapping each other a little in the middle.
  2. If you’re using quilts or blankets, lay them out in the same way, with a little bit of overlap. Smooth them out before folding down with the flat sheets turned over. Don’t tuck in either side.
  3. Add your duvet covers on top. To keep the bed looking neat, you can fold them both down in thirds.
  4. Add pillows and shams as normal and you’re done.

Sweet dreams!

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