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Create Your Own Bedroom Sitting Area

Create Your Own Bedroom Sitting Area


I will admit that the idea of a sitting area in the bedroom always seemed kind of frivolous to me. A chair or lounger for a bedroom sitting spot in the one area of the house that I crash in (for eight+ hours, hopefully!) just didn't seem like a great use of money or space. Through the years, I've learned that having this extra area for bedroom seating helps me relax and have since changed my tune.

Your best sleep is key! Take the steps you need to create your ideal conditions to increase your chances of a good night's sleep. Not to mention, your nighttime oasis can also offer up huge relaxation benefits while you're awake. There is value in designing spaces around your home which invitingly remind you to take a second for those "zen moments" in your busy schedule. It's a bit of self indulgence that anyone can afford—and is easy to do!


bedroom sitting room
A sitting area in your bedroom helps create that carved out space for you to be alone with your thoughts and just take a breather.


1) The Area This will probably be decided by the size and shape of your room. The popular choices are usually the end of the bed or in the corner, while in some rooms, beside a window or in a little nook may be ideal.


bedroom sitting area, bedroom reading, reading nook
An elegant velvet chair paired with a chic side table instantly create a cozy reading spot or an intimate space to unwind at the end of the day.


2) Seating This can be anything from a bench to a overstuffed chair to a yoga mat or piece of carpet. Even some throw pillows and a blanket or favorite magazine is ideal. What makes you comfortable?


feminine room, sitting area, reading nook
Even with the subtle complexity of the lightly patterned background, this room exudes a softness and femininity created by soft pinks and furniture with graceful lines.


3) Use It For You Time Don't make the mistake of using this bedroom sitting area as extra storage or to hold the clothes that need to be folded. Make sure you are using your space for you. Take cat naps, meditate, enjoy a cup of tea, or take a second to scroll through your Instagram feed. This is your space. Don't mortgage it out.


reading nook, bedroom nook, creating a reading nook
Make your bedroom a peaceful and serene area to unwind and rest as day melts into night while remembering that personal retreats can still have a little pizzazz. Use natural materials like wood and fur. Here they softness offsets the clean lines of the mid-century modern chair.


How will you use your new sitting area? Tell me below!


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