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Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Choosing the Perfect Mattress
Did you know that continual lack of sleep is bad for your health? It’s true. As if lack of Z’s isn’t problem enough on its own, over time it can be detrimental in myriad ways, even increasing your vulnerability to all kinds of health issues. But don’t despair! You don’t have to spend hours researching the perfect mattress because we have broken down all the details for you.
Cozy-Cool Foam
Foam mattresses are here to stay. Here’s why: a specially-designed, multi-layered foam mattress gives you both support and that comfy-cuddly feeling without overheating your body. We all need gentle support for our delicate spines without aggravating joints or pressure points. But not all foam is created equal…
Dreamy Eternal Air Foam™
Superior to memory foam, Eternal Air Foam™ is gentler on your pressure points. Due to its higher density, it helps eliminate motion if your partner rolls over in the middle of the night. Fun fact: memory foam was invented by NASA for other uses. The first foam mattresses had some flaws, but recent technology like Eternal Air Foam™ was created to battle those shortcomings, like lack of breathability. Did we mention we have this patented Eternal Air Foam™ as the top layer of our Eternal Mattress?! You’re welcome.
Open-Cell What?
Without getting into the nitty gritty, a mattress with open-cell technology promotes airflow, which regular memory foam does not do (the old stuff actually traps heat). Overheating in the middle of the night is a sure way to disturb your slumber. Who wants mattress-induced hot flashes? Not us! Not to mention, breathability is important for the health of your bedding and overall sleep environment.
Layers and Layers of Foam
The bottom layers of a mattress are for support and transitioning to the comfort zones. You need density here because this is the foundation. It is critical to the longevity of your mattress. You never realized this much thought needs to go into a mattress, did you? It’s not just a hunk of foam. A well-designed mattress is vital to your precious sleep.   We’ll make this even easier on you. If you want the head-to-toe supportive luxury you experienced that one time in that fabulous hotel, go premium with our 4-layer Eternal Mattress. Check out all the technology and thought that went into making your sleep life a dream.
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