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7 Gifts for a Sweet Slumber: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

7 Gifts for a Sweet Slumber: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I have always been fascinated by the science of sleep. I’ll even go as far as to say sleep is sacred to me! And the truth is, I personally love to sleep just as much as I love to create products that support a sweet slumber for others.

So if you’re looking to gift yourself with something to elevate your sleep experience, or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, here are some of my favorite best-sleep essentials.

Velvet Throw
A throw is an elegant and practical way to enhance a room, whether to add a decorative layer or to create a warm, cozy space. One of my favorite throws is the elegant and soft Velvet Diamond Faux Fur Throw. Lightweight and warm, it’s perfect for snuggling on wintry nights.

Made from the same premium, petal-like soft Lux sheets, our Luxury Robe is the perfect year-round robe. I love how lightweight it feels on, while it’s also durable and quick-drying. 

Sheet Sets: Lux, Eternal and Slumber
Bed sheets are fundamental to creating the ultimate sleep experience. Whether it’s our petal-like, premium Lux, our best-selling and classic Eternal, or our crisp, lightweight Slumber, you are guaranteed to begin and end your day in comfort.

Caress your head with buttery softness. Another must-have to complement our sheet sets are our Lux, Eternal and Slumber pillowcases.


Duvet Covers
A duvet cover is the centerpiece of your bedroom. It’s both functional and decorative, while it keeps you cozy and comfortable. Our duvet covers are made with the same promise of softness, durability, and quality that you’ve come to count on.

Body Pillow
Our Willow Body Pillow has a cloud-like softness that’s irresistibly embraceable. It’s especially useful for pregnancy or for those who have hip issues.

Jennifer Adams Digital Gift Card
And if you’re having a hard time deciding on which gift to get, no worries! We’ve got you covered with our Home by Jennifer Adams Gift Card.
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