Spring Bedroom Color Combinations for 2022

Spring Bedroom Color Combinations for 2022

We all know that the colors we surround ourselves with can have a major impact on everything from our mood to our general sense of wellbeing. That’s why color is so important in interior design – it directly affects our emotions. And never more so than in our bedrooms – our sanctuaries from the strains and stresses of everyday life. With spring finally here, bringing with it a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, now is the perfect time to give our bedrooms a little color makeover and turn them into the light, bright spaces that they deserve to be through the summer months. Incorporating some of the trending paint colors and interiors trends for 2022, here are our top picks for spring bedroom color combinations for 2022.

Gray-green. Gray greens showed up as the color of the year picks for several paint companies in 2022, including Benjamin Moore’s October Mist and Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog. These calming greens are fresh but harmonious, suggesting a connection with the outdoors while being a versatile base color in any room. Combine with chalky whites and deep fern greens for a biophilic feel, or go nostalgic with a lavender and green combination that’s a classic spring pastel palette. Another palette that’s ideal for a spring bedroom is soft naturals, with cream, tan, and terracotta bringing out gray-green’s earthier side.

Bright Skies and caramel. Blue tones have also seen a rise in popularity for 2022, from brighter shades like Pantone’s Very Peri to Farrow & Ball’s vintagey Stone Blue. But for spring, it’s the cool, light, airy blue personified by Dulux’s Color of the Year for 2022, Bright Skies, that is the perfect shade of blue. Combine it with a rich, warm caramel for a palette that reflects the transitional nature of the season.

Citron and olive. Yellow is a classic mood booster, but it’s often avoided for bedrooms as it can feel a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Buttery yellows and citron tones are trending for 2022 and these nature-inspired yellows are perfect for a tranquil but happy bedroom space. When looking for shades to complement these yellow tones, opt for nature-inspired hues. Olive green and crisp white beautifully offset citron.

50 Shades of beige. Neutrals may not be new, but they definitely don’t have to be boring, especially when layered for dimension. An all-neutral palette for spring works best with lots of texture, like beautiful bed linens in shades of taupe, ivory and flax, along with statement décor pieces in neutral shades. Warm metallics like brass and bronze are great for accent pieces, adding even more dimension.

Apricot and blue. Soft apricot is another dreamy color for spring 2022. Almost soft enough to be a neutral but with a lovely cheerful warmth, it’s great for a bedroom with a little bit of a feminine slant. You can keep it simple and pair it with boho neutrals, or lean into spring pastels with other soft shades like light blues and greens. But for a really fresh spring palette, pair it with pops of a zingy sky blue.

Whichever of these trending spring bedroom color combinations for 2022 you love, the most important thing is to create a sleep space that feels good to you. Trends can lead the way and provide you with ideas and inspiration you may not have thought of, but a design has to resonate with you before you give it serious consideration. After all, you’ll be waking up to it every day!


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