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Designer’s Secrets to Transform Any Room

Designer’s Secrets to Transform Any Room

When you enter a room that looks and feels right, that seems effortlessly put together, it’s because there’s an underlying balance and harmony that was created with intentional planning. The functional design elements of the room were carefully considered and applied to the layout—color palette, space planning, lighting, and choice of furniture and accessories.

To achieve harmony and beauty, as well as optimize the function of your room, there are design principles that will give you the tools to create the home that suits your unique lifestyle—all on your own. These are principles that Jennifer, and other professional home designers, use every day in their work.

“You can pull off these basic design principles on your own. It isn’t a magic touch gifted only to designers. It’s a magic touch you can learn to develop all on your own.” -Jennifer Adams

Exclusive designer’s secrets:

Jennifer Adams Designer Tips

Setting intentions. For each room, ask yourself: what are the activities you want to do there, and how do you want to do them? How do you want to feel in each room? Be specific.

Jennifer Adams Designer Tips

Choosing your color palette. Review your intentions for the room, and choose colors that align with your wishes and make you happy. Colors are more soothing and tranquil when paired with similar colors next to each other on the color wheel, or they can evoke a livelier feel when paired with a color opposite them.

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Ribbon your colors around the room. Use each color at least three times, placed in a way that leads your eyes in a circular pattern around the room; this is called ribboning. Ribbon colors at floor level, mid-level, and eye level.

Jennifer Adams Designer Tips

Choosing and arranging your accessories. Only keep accessories you love and that bring you joy. Accessories that are similar in material or color look best when they are grouped in uneven numbers, and when they vary in shape and size for a staggered, interesting effect. Cluster them close together instead of spreading them too far apart. (Too many accessories creating clutter in your home? Check out this post for tips: Goodbye Clutter, Hello Happiness.)

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