Decorating Your Bedroom as a Couple, For the First Time!

Decorating Your Bedroom as a Couple, For the First Time!

Ladies, you love your significant other, but his video game collection isn’t necessarily the centerpiece you had in mind.


To be fair, he’s probably not stoked about the floral pillow set you planned to throw on the bed. While decorating your first bedroom together could be a quick way to start a series of unpleasant conversations, we’re here to help you avoid the awkward pillow talk and instead, LOVE the look of your bedroom!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

If your home is your castle, then your bedroom is your innermost sanctuary. You spend more time in your bedroom than any other place in your home. It should be a place of comfort and relaxation -- a well-thought out bedroom will help you and your partner get better sleep, and you will feel much healthier and happier for it!

Keep it simple.


And by simple, we don’t mean boring. You can have simple furniture pieces, simple patterns, and color schemes, but you can spice it up by adding a little something extra, like an oversized throw blanket to you bed.

Choose gender-neutral colors.


These are truly some of the greatest options you have when choosing colors – something that will not fall out of trend and will be agreeable to you both. Bases like white, navy, and beige are all great places to start. Once you have a base, you can add a pop of brighter color like a red or orange that invites exciting variation of interests, such as artwork or rugs.

Minimize the furniture. 


When couples move in together, furniture can be in abundance. Move out the desks, exercise machines, hobby centers and anything else that isn’t related to sleeping, relaxing or being intimate. Get rid of pieces that aren’t useful for sitting or sleeping, or will store clothing. The bed should be the focus, and a comfortable seating area is a nice luxury if you have the room. Each side of the bed should have a nightstand and lamp.

Mix masculine & feminine attributes.


For example, if you choose a dark color like café noir or forest green as the masculine base color scheme, to make it softer, you can add a touch of silk fabric to add feminine features to the room display. In these products, the neutral white base is accented with a masculine pattern but it’s softened by the embroidery.

Accessorize with pairs of things.


Items such as candlesticks create a romantic feel. Choose artwork that’s peaceful or reminds you of places you’ve visited with your spouse or partner. Place the family photos somewhere else in your house so that everyone can enjoy them!

Integrate rustic touches or tribal patterns.


Some of the biggest trends in home décor right now include rustic accents and tribal patterns interwoven throughout your living space. Check some these designs out for inspiration! With a little bit of effort and compromise, it is possible to make this experience enjoyable, rather than challenging. You’ll even find as you go that your room turned out even better than you first imagined!

Create an even better bedroom together.


So what are some ways to continue making your bedroom an even better place now that you've worked together to make it your space? Starting with the easiest and cheapest, here are my favorite tips.


Declutter! Clutter is stressful. Clear it away from the tops of your dressers, walls and floor. Store the laundry where it belongs – out of sight. Make room in your closet by cleaning it out and getting a closet organizing system if you need more space.


Make your bed every single day. Soft, smooth and comfortable sheets are luxurious and you will feel more relaxed and sleep better. A messy bed adds clutter, and wrinkled, uneven sheets can fall off one side or create hot or cold spots.


Turn off the TV. Looking at electronic screens including e-readers, cell phones, video games or computers 30 minutes before bedtime can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Armoires or cabinets do double duty not only to hide the TV but as an extra place to store bedding or clothing.


Buy a better mattress. If your mattress is more than 5 to 7 years old, it may need to be replaced. If it’s older than 10 years, it definitely needs to be replaced! Pillows should be replaced every 2-5 years. Use pillow and mattress protectors to reduce dust and allergens from building up.


Control the light with versatile window treatments such as blinds or sheers, and use dimmers on all your lights. Turn down the lights at bedtime as a relaxing part of your evening ritual.

Send us your own ideas and show us pictures of the bedroom you've designed together!


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