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All About Bathrobes - Our Indulgently Soft Collection

All About Bathrobes - Our Indulgently Soft Collection

Robes in the Early Days

The earliest descriptions of robes date back to ancient civilizations including Greece, Rome, China and Japan. Over their long history, robes have been worn by everyone from priests and officials for important rituals and ceremonies, to royalty displaying their embroidered silk pieces of art. Robes eventually gained more widespread use among everyday people with the advent of dressing gowns and robes as outer garments in the early 18th century.

Initially, these dressing gowns were designed just for men to wear in the mornings and evening, but by the mid-19th century women got their chance to dress more comfortably, too. A robe was much more comfortable for wearing around home than going around in a restrictive corset! The bathing robe was then introduced in the early 20th century, which led to even more widespread robe use among the people. For many years, a bathing robe was considered to be the only decent thing to wear out on the beach! Obviously, accepted conventions for what constitutes “appropriate” bathing suits and covers have continued to evolve quite a bit since that time…

Robes Today

The modern bathrobe we know today is often worn after bathing or swimming, but robes are versatile garments and can now be worn for a multitude of reasons in any season. It’s really all a matter of your particular style tastes and robe usage preferences. Besides wearing after a bath, robes are useful for putting on when you first get up in the morning. They’re also great for slipping on before bedtime while you’re relaxing for the evening. Lounging around the pool or spending some time at the beach? A robe is also an excellent way to protect yourself from too much sun or wind, or just to afford yourself some extra privacy. 

Introducing Our Essentials Luxury Robe Collection

Ready to feel like royalty by being able to slip into your own modern robe that’s both cozy and stylish? Luxury robes designed by Jennifer Adams have been seen in 5-star hotels and spas around the world, but you don’t have to go to a luxury hotel or spa to experience one. Now we make these ultra-plush robes available to you through our Essentials Luxury Robe Collection! Featuring a gorgeous shawl-collar, these exclusive robes come in an array of modern colors and prints, as well as various sizes and both long and short lengths, so they’re sure to suit anyone.

Jennifer Adams Plush Luxury Bathrobe

Made with the same famous, ultra-soft Lux performance fiber we use in our popular Lux Sheets Collection, these robes also sport a plush polyester fleece lining. Each of these luxury robes is lightweight, cozy, breathable, and perfect for lounging. On top of that, our bathrobes are durable and easy to care for; they’re machine-washable, quick-drying, and wrinkle-resistant, too.

Jennifer Adams Plush Uni-Sex Luxury Robe

We call them luxury bathrobes, but these robes are versatile enough for many uses beyond the bathroom—they’re perfect to simply snuggle in any time of the day! Slip into one of our luxury robes anytime you’re leaving your bed on a chilly morning. Headed outdoors to watch the sunrise or sunset in your garden? Wrap yourself in one of our luxurious robes and you’re sure to feel warm, cozy, and secure.

Jennifer Adams Plush Luxury Graphite Gray Bathrobe

Take a moment to explore our collection right now – you deserve to experience what many have described as what is quite possibly the world’s most perfect year-round robe! 

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